Dare Disability Support


Dare Disability Support

dare provides assistance to people living with a disability. they provide care, activities, independent housing but also as a work place and independence for people living with a disability. my work here included working with existing branding to create branding guidelines for the many areas of dare, annual report, print collateral for the various departments of dare, creation of a photo library of clients and staff at work and campaign design.

one of the campaigns produced is the are you inclusive? campaign. this campaign was led by Dr Annie Brennan, and provides workplaces education, training and support to businesses so that they can be more inclusive to customers with a disability. together we created the standalone branding, tipsheets, pictogram templates (editable for any workplace - retail version shown here), certificate of training, brochures, flyers, infographics, window decals for participating businesses and much more.

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Are You Inclusive?